What’s for Dinner

This week in our veggie box we got: a big bunch of chard, a smaller bunch of red mustard greens, three stalks of green garlic and three spring onions, two bunches of skinny new carrots, a very small bunch of radishes, two pounds of La Ratte fingerling potatoes, and a couple of kiwis.

I’m most excited by the mustard greens (love mustard greens) so tonight I want to do a traditional Southern slow-cooked mess of greens and pork and onions, with boiled potatoes and carrots to go with it.

Tomorrow I have to go out to the house to meet with our contractor, so I think dinner might be takeout, but Saturday I’ll stir-fry the snap peas and green garlic with a little beef, and maybe another vegetable like a red bell pepper. And because stir-fries are healthy and virtuous, then I’ll feel okay about making this much-less-virtuous recipe for leek and chard tart on Sunday. Except instead of the leeks, I’ll probably use the shallots left over from last week.

That will leave only the radishes for Monday, so I guess on Monday we’re having salad, and maybe pasta or fish or something. Then Tuesday will be for leftovers as usual.

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