May 10 2016

UMCS Talent Show

Robin and his friend Genevieve performed a puppet show for their school’s talent show. The video of the whole event is now online—Robin’s performance starts at 16:07.

Jan 13 2009


Sorry for the crummy video quality; we’d been playing with Robin for a while and he seemed distracted when I got out the camera, so I was afraid he’d stop the game if I took the time to, you know, focus. I almost wasn’t going to post this because it’s so fuzzy, but Sam told me I was crazy and that y’all would love to see it. So here you go.

Oct 15 2008

It’s Official

Robin’s a toddler now!

Sep 22 2008

Don’t Tickle the Baby

Jul 2 2008

One Baby Band: Drums

I took all these videos on the same day, which is why Robin is wearing the same clothes in all of them. It’s not that he goes a week without changing his pants. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Jun 30 2008

Xylophone Virtuoso

Robin’s really picking up the xylophone…

Jun 29 2008

One Baby Band: Xylophone

Yes folks, we’ve moved fully into the multimedia age here at Robin Phillips Industries. No longer satisfied with boring old static pictures, we are bringing you the newfangled moving kind. We make no guarantees, express or implied, that the content of these moving pictures will be edifying, enlightening, or any way remarkable. Generally you can expect a minute or so of a baby doing baby-ish things.

Here we have Robin meeting a xylophone. This is only the beginning, folks!