Dec 25 2007

Merry Christmas!

Robin took in quite a haul this year in awesome baby gifts! This festive and cozy outfit was a gift from his Pops and Mo. I think I’ll make prints of this picture and send them out with the thank-you notes…

Sam is actually working today; we had our big meal and gift-opening day last Friday, on the Solstice. I made ribs, black-eyed-peas with kale, fried okra, and cornbread, and we gnawed down on fruitcake for dessert. It was a really nice day. The baby’s too young to know what’s going on, of course: for him all the excitement was just another entry to file under “Why do all these strange things keep happening to me?”

He’s getting really big. I mean, still small by grown-person standards, of course, but so much bigger than the tiny little thing he was when he first came home. I had my first flash the other day of the ongoing process of loss that is part of parenthood. Naturally you’re always looking forward to watching them grow, to meeting them anew as their personality emerges and evolves, but at the same time, as they change, you have to say goodbye to the little critter that they used to be, and that you have loved so much. I look at him and I think, “He will never be this small again.” And that will be true again tomorrow, and the next day, and every day that follows.

He’s much more mobile now; when I set him down on his play-mat he can flip easily from back to front (although he hasn’t figured out how to do the reverse) and he can wiggle himself quite some distance, even though he isn’t properly crawling yet. He grabs things quite confidently now, and generally proceeds to put them in his mouth. He laughs easily and often, and makes friends wherever he goes. He’s brought us an enormous amount of happiness, and we are so thankful for the support of our friends and family over these past months. I hope your holidays and your New Year are filled with prosperity and joy.

Dec 14 2007

Santa Baby

“Mommy, who is this weird old guy?”

Dec 14 2007

Four Months

Gosh, the weeks are just flying by. We took Robin in for another check-up yesterday: the doctor pronounced him the cutest baby ever in the history of the world (well, okay, his exact words were “That’s the best smile I’ve seen all week,” but we extrapolated from there). He’s almost fifteen pounds, and 26 inches long—placing him in the 75th percentile of baby height for his age! What, I’m a mom, I’ll be proud of random growth fluctuations if I want to be.

The doc also agrees with us that his teeth might be coming in (he pronounced one lower front gum “very suspicious”). Robin’s been drooling a lot and he wants to chomp on our fingers. Sadly, he’s not been sleeping very well at night, but I am hoping this is because he’s going through a growth spurt and that he’ll go back to sleeping for long stretches soon.

Dec 10 2007


To my dear friend Madeline, on the birth of her daughter Charlotte.  May your family continue to be blessed.

Dec 1 2007

A New Trick!

Robin has been enjoying this playset his Auntie Nina sent for some time:

If we lay him down right, he can kick the struts and make the hanging toys shake. This is good for nearly a half-hour’s entertainment every day. But yesterday, he actually reached up and grabbed the little ducky! Yes, that two-headed mutant spotted ducky right there in the photo! He reached up with both hands and carefully patted it for several minutes! His father and I are predictably delighted with this new display of manual dexterity. Our clever baby is figuring out that hands aren’t just for sucking on!