Four Months

Gosh, the weeks are just flying by. We took Robin in for another check-up yesterday: the doctor pronounced him the cutest baby ever in the history of the world (well, okay, his exact words were “That’s the best smile I’ve seen all week,” but we extrapolated from there). He’s almost fifteen pounds, and 26 inches long—placing him in the 75th percentile of baby height for his age! What, I’m a mom, I’ll be proud of random growth fluctuations if I want to be.

The doc also agrees with us that his teeth might be coming in (he pronounced one lower front gum “very suspicious”). Robin’s been drooling a lot and he wants to chomp on our fingers. Sadly, he’s not been sleeping very well at night, but I am hoping this is because he’s going through a growth spurt and that he’ll go back to sleeping for long stretches soon.

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