Jan 26 2014

Day at the Beach


Photo by Sam!

Jan 18 2014

Haircut Day!

Sam snapped these photos of the older boys with their freshly clipped ‘dos:


robin hair

They always look so much older after a haircut!

Jan 16 2014

Six-Year-Old Jokes

Q: What does a person eat? A question?
A: POOP! Hahahahahah!

Q: What does a poop go in?
A: Your stomach! HAhahah!

Q: What does a person have ears for?
A: Hearing! What are you laughing? You could hear other ears. I could hear my own voice. Your voice is nice. Zombies are not real.

Jan 15 2014

When We Were Dinosaurs

It can be hard following the thread of Robin’s conversation sometimes, but every so often he comes up with something that’s lovely. Today on our walk home from school I think he invented the concept of reincarnation:

Robin: “Zombies were real when we were dinosaurs, did you know that?”
Me: “Those are two things that are fun to tell stories about, so a dinosaur story with zombies in it would be pretty cool!”
Robin: “No! Dinosaurs are real!”
Me: “They were real, yeah. There aren’t any dinosaurs any more. And zombies are just a story.”
Robin: (growing frustrated at my inability to understand): “No, when we were dinosaurs, zombies were real. I was a baby tyrannosaurus, did you know that?”
Me: “I did not know that. What was I?”
Robin: “Well, you were my mama, so you were a mama tyrannosaurus.”
Me: “That’s cool.”
Robin: “But I still liked ankylosaurus.”
Me: “Ankylosaurus is your favorite.”
Robin: “Right! And then a ball hit us and we died. And then we were birds, but we still loved each other. And then we were born into the real world!”

Jan 8 2014



Jan 3 2014

A Nice Piece

Sumiko Saulson, who covers the local art scene, did a very nice little profile on me for Examiner.com. Sumiko does a great job highlighting our neighborhood artists and makers, and I really enjoy following her posts.