What’s for Dinner

Today our veggie box brought us: lettuce, carrots, asparagus, red & white spring onions, two huge leeks, a bunch of green garlic, five shallots, three kiwis, and about a pound of red potatoes.

It’s another rainy day, and Sam has a stubbornly lingering cold, so I think tonight I’ll make a creamy soup out of the potatoes, leeks, and green garlic, probably with some crispy bacon for garnish. I’ll post my recipe if it comes out well. That’ll use up the chicken stock I have in the freezer, so I’ll get a chicken and roast it for tomorrow night’s dinner, and make more stock from the carcass. We’ll have a garden salad with the chicken.

Friday evening we’re driving to Martinez to buy a new couch from a lady on Craigslist, so I think we’ll probably eat out afterwards. And Saturday is gaming day. But Sunday we can have steaks and asparagus, and Monday I want to try incorporating the spring onions into a new recipe for “pasta with pork ribs”: it looks like a fairly regular tomato-based meat sauce, except with spareribs instead of ground beef. Then Tuesday will be for leftovers as usual. We’ll have the shallots left over, but those will keep. It’ll be an unusual week in that we’ll have meat every night, instead of just a few nights as we usually do, but I think Sam could use the protein to help kick this cold.

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  • Other Robin's Mom Says:

    I am so impressed, and jealous, that your Robin will eat what you describe in your ‘What’s for Dinner’ posts.

    My Robin is just off a four day ‘yoghurt/fruit and literally nothing else’ trip. Pre kid I would have said ‘ach, no big deal, kids will eat when they are hungry’ and now I find myself taking HFCS candy crap from the work candy jar in hopes of breaking the cycle.

    And buying plastic cheese slices.

    And veggie nuggets.

    The younger one is better but not exemplary. I figured Daniel learned his pickiness from his brother- and probably mostly from my catering to his brother.

    Thanks for the tip on the little red train stories. Kids love them!

    • shannon Says:

      Veggie nuggets and yogurt and fruit sound pretty healthy! Robin loves yogurt & fruit too and often has it for breakfast.

      He doesn’t always eat my dinners — the only part of last night’s soup he’d eat was the bacon — but it’s true, he’s not too picky. I hope he keeps on being a good eater: I know some kids go in and out of phases where they’ll only eat a few things.

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