What’s for Dinner

Yesterday in our veggie box we got: kale, two different kinds of chard (white and gold), collard greens, broccoli, a pound and a half of leeks, six kiwis, and a bag of fingerling potatoes. Last night we had boiled potatoes and peas along with a salad (incorporating the broccoli); tonight I’m doing yet another run of that polenta-with-chard recipe. I’ve been making it a lot lately, but Sam always seems happy to see it, and by modifying the recipe very slightly I can use up both bunches of chard and most of the leeks.

Tomorrow I think I’ll do another retread, this time the bulgur salad with kale and salami (and I’ll throw in the collard greens too). That’ll take care of all the veggies, and then I can branch out into fun stuff for the rest of the week: I think Sam would be pleased with chicken pot pie on Sunday, and maybe homemade pizza on Monday.

Breaking News: What I had taken for a bunch of skinny leeks turned out to be only half leeks, and half narrow stalks of green garlic. I used them all in the polenta and it was delicious. That is all.

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