The Big Booger Bubble Goes Live

You guys, I am super excited to announce that The Big Booger Bubble is now a real book!

Unfortunately the Amazon page hasn’t auto-generated a “Look inside!” previewer thingummy—I’m working on getting that up. But in the meantime, let me show you some of Ingrid Steblea‘s fantastic illustrations (clicking the image will take you to my Flickr account, where you can see larger versions of the pages):

booger pages 1-2

booger pages 3-4

booger pages 5-6

booger pages 7-8

booger pages 9-10

booger pages 11-12

booger pages 13-14

booger pages 15-16

booger pages 17-18

And the story continues from there!

I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that when I’m dead and gone, The Big Booger Bubble will be my legacy. I might write ten more novels, I might put my heart and soul on every page, but still: “Oh, Shannon Phillips,” they’ll say. “Didn’t she write something about boogers?” It’s my bequest to the literary tradition. You’re welcome, future generations. You’re welcome.

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