• Davy is potty-training himself. Just…out of nowhere, he started asking to sit on the potty. The first few times nothing happened, but we praised him for it anyway. Lately he’s been actually using the potty for its intended purpose, about once a day. I’m delighted but also baffled. Can it really be this easy?
  • The Millennial Sword is now at #45,107 in the Kindle bestseller list, which is…not very high, except that yesterday morning it was at #162,077. So that actually represents something of a meteoric rise!
  • I feel like there ought to be a third item to put here, but I can’t think of one.

3 Responses to “Miscellany”

  • Nanita Says:

    Three items:
    -Way to go, Davy. You’re a star.
    -May The Millennial Sword continue its meteoric rise.
    -Go A’s!

    • shannon Says:

      Ha ha hah! Yes, “Go A’s” can be the third item.

      Honestly, I think what it shows is how clogged Amazon is with e-books that don’t sell AT ALL. So even with a handful of sales a day, my book has pushed past about a hundred thousand titles.

    • shannon Says:

      Oh, here’s another third item: Thora went back to the vet (for a routine vaccination) and she now weighs 28 pounds. She’s been gaining five pounds a week!

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