Pool Party


Pool party!” Robin screamed. “Pool party! Pool party!” And intermittently, the other kids would pick up the chant: pool party! pool party!

It was, as you can see, the teeniest of pools, but it seemed to suffice:


It was sunny, and there was a hose, so that the water could be replenished as it was enthusiastically splashed away. And the important thing, the really crucial thing, was that four of Robin’s friends from school came over and splashed around with him, and agreed that it was indeed a pool party. With their agreement they made it true.

And we all ate cupcakes:


And watermelon:


And there was a piñata:


And we had balloons, and beach balls, and some of those balsa-wood gliders that break if you look if them too hard but are fun to throw around the yard a few times. And Nonna and Pappy came too, and helped with the party. So even though it was a dead-simple backyard hangout, just a couple of hours of splashing around in the sun, it still felt like a super special day: a birthday.

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  • Maike Says:


    Wow, another year 🙂

    We are so so lucky with our kids. Thanks for keep your blog public. I love love love checking in.

  • Maike Says:

    School starts back Monday- I am relieved. We went to Europe 6 weeks but still had to contend with 4 weeks of camps with funky hours.

    The Spanish Dual Immersion in Mountain View worked out incredibly well last year- so much better then I expected and in ways I didn’t expect/know about. Hopefully this year is the same.

    I am looking forward to your updates! I figure you will be doing the homeschooling. And I assume you will be using modern teaching materials and approaches 🙂

    Very cool!

    • Sam Says:

      The schooling question is still very much up in the air. We’re keeping Robin in the co-op nursery school for another year — Davy will start going this year too, for two mornings a week. After that, I don’t know. We have high hopes for a new charter school opening in the neighborhood — Urban Montessori (http://www.urbanmontessori.org/). Some of the other parents at the co-op are sending their kids there this year, so we can ask them how they like it.

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