What’s for Dinner

This week in our veggie box we got: kale, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, six Yukon Gold potatoes, two onions, four zucchini which I have already transmuted into zucchini bread, seven Fuji apples, two pears, two oranges, and two grapefruit.

As always, the fruit will take care of itself; and the kale will go into one of our now-standard bulgur salad lunches. Oh! And I should report! That farro and butternut squash recipe from last week was really good; I think I’ll make it as a side dish next Thanskgiving.

Tonight I’m going to try out a Cook’s Illustrated recipe for pork loin roasted with apples, cabbage, and various spices including thyme, allspice, and juniper berries. (I like cooking with juniper berries; it makes me feel vaguely like a frontierswoman.) And tomorrow we’ll have lamb stew with the potatoes and carrots. I’m certain that both these recipes will produce leftovers, so Wednesday we’ll tackle the leftover pork (maybe in sandwiches) and Thursday we’ll polish off the lamb stew—I’ll make soda bread to keep it exciting. Friday I want to try my friend Wendy’s recipe for Dutch baby, with a broccoli-and-cauliflower cheese dish on the side. And that leaves only the chard, which will probably go into a simple pasta lunch for me and the boys.

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  • Scrumptious Says:

    Hey there!
    I just discovered your blog through CSA Delivery, which I discovered today through Vegansaurus. Hurray for blog-to-blog introductions.
    I write a SF CSA blog that exists in part to serve as a reference for what various Bay Area CSAs are like, and so I’d love to know which CSA box you subscribe to (and how you’re liking it, if you have the time to report).
    Looking forward to following your adventures, food and otherwise!

    • shannon Says:

      We went through a few–we started off getting the Planet Organics box, but weren’t happy with it as it wasn’t entirely local. So we switched over to getting the local-only Capay Valley box for a couple of years. We were overall quite happy with Capay, even though they’re a pretty large operation and I know some people like to support smaller-scale family farms.

      When we moved to Oakland last year, we signed up with J&P Organics, which is a much smaller, traditional family operation. They’re a lot cheaper than Capay too. We’re really delighted with them; they’re super nice people and they have a great story (http://www.jporganics.com/about.php).

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