Ming the Merciless

I think Davy’s high chair has a real future-supervillain vibe going on…

high chair

Even though he doesn’t eat food yet, he likes sitting in the chair. I think it gives him a good perspective on us.

4 Responses to “Ming the Merciless”

  • Jessie Says:

    It would be even more evil if it were red and black…

    To me he also looks like an astronaut about to blast off.

  • Eyeteeth Says:

    My niece Luna was much the same way. She liked to chillax in her seat watching her parents and big brother masticate. She had much the same goofy grin, too. Baby grins are awesome — though my sister might not enjoy the comparison, they remind me of the smile of a happy dog. “I have no idea what’s coming next and I don’t care! Right now life is awesome!”

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