So Davy stunned the doctor again today with his continued growth. At two months, he’s now 13 pounds and 7 ounces, putting him the 80th percentile for weight. He started in the 20th percentile at birth. “You gotta see this,” Dr. Simons said, pulling up a chart of normal growth curves for infants of various sizes. Plotted on the same chart, Davy’s growth isn’t a curve at all. It’s a straight line trending sharply upward.

The doctor wasn’t concerned or anything, just impressed. Davy’s meeting all his developmental milestones (smiles, coos, holds his head up by himself) and everything looks fine. He got a couple of booster shots and we were sent on our way.

Here’s another picture of the boys together:


5 Responses to “Check-Up”

  • ericaceus Says:

    This picture is too cute!

  • Madeline Says:

    This is so cute. Sibling affection is the most heart-melting thing.

    I’m often struck in your photos by how much Robin looks like you! I can’t really tell with Davy. Do you think he looks more like Sam, or is it too soon to tell? Either way, they are both adorable!

    • shannon Says:

      Thank you! Robin does look a bit like me, although I can see Sam in his face too (he has Sam’s eyes…). He actually REALLY looks like my little brother Jesse did at his age.

      It’s probably too soon to tell with Davy, but always fun to play guessing games!

      By the way I think exactly the same thing about you and your girls, especially Ibby — she looks so much like you!

  • Madeline Says:

    Most people say that Ibby looks like Hop, but I love hearing that she looks like me. 🙂 It looks like neither of my kids took after me in left-handedness, so I’ve got to have *some* proof that they’re mine. (More proof: Ibby has a seemingly endless attention span for being read to. I’m in the process of reading her the second Oz book at the moment.)

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