In Láadan, the “language of women” invented by Suzette Haden Elgin, there are five different words for pregnancy. If I were writing in Láadan now, I would use some form of the verb widazhad: “to be pregnant late in term and eager for the end.”

As of tomorrow I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant. Although due dates are calculated for a 40 week term, any time after 38 weeks is actually considered full term. I told Sam that I bet this baby’s coming closer to week 38 than to week 40. And he told me that’s what I said last time. (Robin was born 40 weeks to the day.) But I swear to God there is no more room in there. If he wants to get any bigger, this baby is going to have to make some alternate arrangements.

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  • MB Says:


    Just out of curiosity, do you feel that nesting urge? I never did. I suppose since you have just moved, your bigtime into nesting anyways. I was mostly feeling horribly guilty about forcing a sibling onto my Robin. What a waste of good emotion! At this point (4 & 2), I feel giving my Robin a sibling was probably the best thing I have done in the last two years.

    They simply have so much fun and have since Daniel turned 18 months. My Robin was entertained by the Daniel activity from the beginning and especially after Daniel turned 6 months but that 18 month mark was huge for us.

    Oh, Daniel ‘gave’ my Robin a cute little fisher price stroller plus baby doll when he arrived. This gave Robin something fun to do in the hospital halls- and they still play with it all the time.

    Anyway, good luck ! New baby! You are so lucky!

    • shannon Says:

      It’s so good to hear your boys have a good relationship! That’s one of my biggest concerns, although from watching Robin interact with smaller children, I don’t think he’ll have much trouble finding affection for Davy. Moreso, I know, after the baby gets big enough to be interesting!

      The sibling gift is a great idea — we may do something like it. I *am* nesting big-time, but like you say, I don’t know how much of that is pregnancy hormones…

      • Nanita Says:

        In Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon I took a cab from the downtown hotel to the Fernbank Museum to see an archaeological exhibit, and then had to wait and wait for nearly an hour after calling the cab company to come pick me up. There was a father with two boys who seemed to be 2-3 years apart also waiting for a cab, so I observed them roughhousing and we ended up sharing the cab when one finally arrived. The boys were 8 and 11 years old, really cute, and getting along well in spite of the constant, high-energy interaction. When I told them I was about to have a second grandson nearly three years younger than his brother, the father said cheerfully, “Oh, I feel so sorry for your daughter.” But the boys were clearly friends and it was an encouraging scene.

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