May 29 2008

What Happened in Texas

Was an abomination. Sorry to get all political on you folks but the articles I’ve been (to be honest) mostly trying to avoid are having a cumulative effect, until this one set me off weeping:

Shelly Greco, a court-appointed lawyer for a 14-month-old girl removed from the ranch, says the child had been up crying uncontrollably many nights because she was so abruptly weaned.

Tearing nursing children from their mother’s arms is reprehensible. Child Protective Services is an out-of-control juggernaut of bureaucratic evil and must be reined in. Child abuse should be investigated, yes, but the state should never have the power to take children from their families without very solid proof that abuse is occurring.

If you want to donate to help the mothers in their fight, the website is here.