What’s for Dinner

Today in our veggie box we got: chard, asparagus, snap peas, radishes, a large leek, a bunch of green garlic, two bunches of spring onions, and a bag of little red potatoes.

I didn’t make the asparagus risotto I’d planned last week, so we have a leftover bunch of asparagus that’s looking pretty withered. I’ll go ahead and do the risotto tonight, incorporating the new asparagus and the bits of the old asparagus that aren’t too dessicated. I’ll also use the leek.

Tomorrow night I’m thinking boiled potatoes with butter and dill, and a salad using the snap peas and radishes. I have some green goddess dressing left over, though I’ll probably have to make another batch anyway, as there isn’t very much.

Friday night I’ll try this recipe for pasta with chard and ricotta cheese: I have some ricotta left over from the last time I made baked polenta, and I can also use the spring onions and the green garlic.

And that’ll use up all the veggies, except for the kiwis which Robin always eats. Saturday I think we’ll probably have an afternoon picnic in our new backyard (yay!), but I might just buy sandwiches and lemonade from Whole Foods. Maybe I’ll make cupcakes or something to bring along. Then Sunday I’ll do a pork roast, and Monday we can have the leftovers in sandwiches. And I’ll leave Tuesday open as usual.

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