What’s for Dinner

Today in our veggie box we got: collard greens, chard, russian red kale, lettuce, asparagus, a small head of cauliflower, two leeks, a bunch of spring onions, a bag of small yellow potatoes, and bunch of fresh oregano.

A quick review of some of the new recipes I tried out lately (links in previous posts): none of them were so hot. Actually, I liked the New York Times recipe for farro with collard greens, and Robin seemed to like it okay too, but Sam said it tasted like oatmeal and he would not be particularly keen on seeing it again. (I overcooked the farro a little bit, but for the record it was not the consistency of oatmeal.)

Anyway, this week we’ll go back to old standbys: I never got around to cooking a chicken last week, so I’ll get one tonight and roast it with the potatoes and oregano. Then tomorrow we’ll have the bulgur with kale and salami recipe that we always like, along with roasted asparagus, and Friday cauliflower cheese with a salad on the side.

Saturday is gaming day, but Sunday I’ll make polenta with chard, leeks, and cheese. Then Monday I’ll do pork chops smothered in spring onions and spicy collard greens, and Tuesday will be for leftovers as usual.

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