What’s for Dinner

Today in our veggie box we got a veritable rainbow: purple kale, red chard, green garlic, and a handful of yellow fingerling potatoes, along with spring onions, collard greens, asparagus, a bunch of rosemary, one huge leek, a few small heads of lettuce, two little cauliflowers, and a bag of kiwis.

Tonight Robin’s Pappy is coming back from a trip to Ethiopia, so Nonna is in town and we’re all going out to meet him at the airport. We’ll probably go out to eat afterwards, if Dave isn’t too jet-lagged.

Tomorrow night I’m looking at this recipe for greens and potato gratin—I could use the kale and the chard, as well as the potatoes. I might toss the lettuce in some dressing for a small accompanying salad. And Friday night I could try out collard greens with farro, maybe with roasted asparagus on the side: I know I like farro, and I don’t cook with it often. Between those two recipes I’m pretty sure I could also work in the green garlic, spring onions, and leek.

Saturday will be cook’s night off; Sunday we can have a chicken roasted with rosemary-garlic paste. Monday I’ll use the cauliflower in a spaghetti dish (I seem to be finding a lot of New York Times recipes this week)—and then Tuesday will be for leftovers as usual.

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