Too Late for the Caption Contest

…but while I was falling asleep last night, I thought of a caption for this picture on Unhappy Hipsters:

“He collected the implements of travel–suitcases, motorbikes, once a whole jet engine–only to disassemble them in his elaborate ritual. He wanted a world where nobody could ever leave him again.”

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  • Todd Says:

    Apropos of nothing:

    Best guess, according the book about 1960s counterculture I just read, on the origins of “hip” and all its derivatives:

    From a west African word “heppa” (spelling approximate), meaning “outsider” or “fake”, used by African Americans to describe white people who slummed with them; became widespread among African Americans during the 1920s, and was sort of ignorantly adopted by white people as a badge of honor, at least by the time of the Beats in the 1950s.

    I don’t know of the accuracy of that etymology, but it gave me a great deal of pleasure thinking that it *must* be true.

  • Molly Says:

    I like that one better than the winner, and most of the runners-up.

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