State of the Baby

We’ve settled into what feels like a workable routine, so I don’t really have any news. I thought instead I’d update y’all on a few of the issues I wrote about earlier:

  • Nursing is still going well. No difficulties after the first few fraught days…
  • Our leaky-diaper problem vastly improved once Robin got a bit bigger. I think he was just too small even for the newborn-sized diapers, and changing brands didn’t help much. These days he wears hippie diapers from Whole Foods. We had a leak day before yesterday, but it was the first in weeks.
  • I’m not sure if he’s become easier to amuse or I’ve become more practiced at providing amusement, but it seems like he’s spending less time each day bawling. I’m also getting better at distinguishing his “If you just leave me alone for ten minutes I’ll be asleep” cry from his “I’m only getting madder and madder the longer this goes on” cry. I don’t have much basis for comparison, but I think he’s an easy baby, overall. Generally if he’s not hungry, he just wants to be held. There are times when neither nursing or cuddling will soothe him, but often those are the “leave me alone for ten minutes and I’ll be asleep” times.
  • He sleeps through the night about half the time now. Last night he slept for eight hours straight! (And he was HUNGRY when he woke up.)

4 Responses to “State of the Baby”

  • Amy Says:

    You are light years ahead of me. I’m super jealous in a not really jelalous sort of way. The one cry I am learning is, “This gas pain hurts REALLY BAD!!!!!”

  • Amy Says:

    Oh, yeah. There is also the nothing-will-soothe-me-but-tight-swadling-and-gentle-rocking cry, which ‘m doing right now while typing one handed.

    I think all new parents should be issued an extra set of arms upon discharge from the hospital. That would be super cool.

  • shannon Says:

    Moms on blogs: the OTHER kind of one-handed typing!

  • Amy Says:

    Synapses must be mis-wired b/c I had to read your sentence several times before I understood it. 🙂

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