Two Months Old

We’re back from the doctor’s office—Baby got his shots (OH THE BETRAYAL) while we got our flu vaccines squirted up our noses. Robin’s 23 inches long now and almost 12 pounds. The doc pronounced him “perfect,” which was nice since we did have a question: he has a little bump behind his right ear. He’s had it for most of his life, we just forgot to ask about it at the last visit. Turns out it’s a harmless cyst: it may go away or it may not, but they say it’s nothing to worry about unless it gets big enough to be a cosmetic issue.

Nobody commented on my last post, so no pictures today for you.

6 Responses to “Two Months Old”

  • Nina Says:

    1) Happy second lunaversary!!
    2) OMG the only reason I did not comment is because I have been TRAVELLING on the ROAD far from technology! i swears! *hustles on over*

  • shannon Says:

    thank you! I hope you had a nice trip!

  • Erin Says:

    I commented…but it was on LJ (ooops) He’s beautiful!

  • shannon Says:

    oh I’m sorry, I generally don’t see the LJ comments (I don’t get notifications from the syndicated feed…)

  • Amy Says:

    I commented in my head about how lucky you were for being able to dress and redress your baby for fun rather than because he just barfed on his clothes yet again. Does that count? (I think our record so far for clothing chages is three outfits in under five minutes.)

  • shannon Says:

    When we first brought him home we had to change him all the time because of the pee leaks. Thankfully he’s grown into his diapers, and the leaks are much rarer now!

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