Ultrasound Followup

This week we had another meeting with the midwife, and she went into the ultrasound results in a bit more detail. She confirmed that Davy is looking perfect in every way, but mentioned that a couple of other things had turned up on the scans: for one, I have another dermoid (benign) cyst, just like last time, although this time it’s on the other side. As with my last pregnancy, it most likely won’t cause an issue, but it’s something to monitor.

Also, this time around the placenta is in a good position, but the umbilical cord is showing what’s called a velamentous insertion. Wikipedia makes this sound a lot more alarming than the midwife did: she said that “The way we used to know about velamentous insertions was after the delivery; we’d look at the placenta and say, huh, it’s velamentous. But now that these things can be seen on ultrasounds, the doctors like to monitor it.”

Anyway, the upshot is that I’m going to have more ultrasounds—which to be honest is kind of nice. I’m always happy to get another look at the wee one.

Here he is, in profile:

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  • Nina Says:

    Nawww — his little nose! It’s just so *baby*.

    The velamentous insertion does sound scary. But I went poking around on one of my baby boards that has a velamentous insertion forum — and the stories are overwhelmingly “I terrified myself on the internet but in the end my baby was perfectly healthy”.

    On the subject of the dermoid cyst: do you think it has TEETH? because it MIGHT. very Sandman.

  • shannon Says:


    I’m pretty much just focused on the “not cancerous” angle, and trying not to consider anything else about gross cysts.

    And on the velamentous insertion, Wikipedia says that the alarming stuff happens “if the vessels are near the cervix,” which I don’t think is the case with me — the midwife said the placenta is in a good position this time, and that I’d be a “textbook candidate” for a VBAC. So since she’s not worried, I’m trying not to worry.

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