What’s for Dinner

This week in our veggie box we got a couple pounds of little yellow potatoes, which are identified as fingerling Russian banana potatoes. They came in a brown paper bag which I put up on the counter. I was reminded of this as I stepped out of the shower this morning, and Robin came pelting up to me and handed me a potato.

Um,” I said.

Then he ran away. As I toweled off my hair he came back with another potato, and gave it to me.

When I followed him into the kitchen I found that, indeed, the potatoes were strewn all over the floor. The funny thing is that I haven’t been able to find a shred or scrap of the brown paper bag.

The upshot of this is that Robin can obviously now reach things on the kitchen counter. He has to stand on tip toes and stretch his arm up, and he can’t actually see what he’s groping for, but he’ll pull down anything that he touches. Ridiculous child. At least he’s pretty good about picking things up again: when I got a bowl for the potatoes, he quite happily picked each one up off the floor and dropped it in the bowl.

In the box we also got two heads of lettuce (butter and red leaf), a bunch of carrots, some bok choy, kale, collard greens, chard, two leeks, and six kiwis. We also had a lot of leftovers from last week: the shepherd’s pie and the caldo verde both lasted a while, so I still have a leek and a head of lettuce on hand that miraculously is looking just fine. And of course I still have three butternut squashes to deal with. So I’m a little overwhelmed with veggies at the moment.

Tonight we’ll have a big salad, with hard-boiled eggs and ham as well as the broccoli and carrots. Tomorrow night I’ll make pork chops smothered in spicy collard greens, and Sunday we can have polenta with chard and leeks.

Monday I’ll use the rest of the lettuce in a seared tuna salad—they tell pregnant women not to eat sushi-style fish, but I think it’s fine if you get your fish from a trustworthy source and handle it sensibly. Tuesday, bulgur salad with kale, salami, and olives. That’ll leave the bok choy and the potatoes (and the squash) to deal with next week. Maybe on Wednesday I can make a bok choy-potato-squash casserole. Mmmm!

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