Fall Fashion Spread

The nip of autumn is in the air, and Babies, you know what that means: it’s time to update your wardrobe with the latest and hottest looks from the top designers. After all, you’re almost two months old now, and those newborn outfits you’ve been rocking for the past seven weeks are getting more than a little tight. You’re due for a fashion overhaul! Yes, it’s time to step out of the onesies of summer, and into the onesies of fall. We’ve put together this photo spread to help you find the ultimate fashion-forward gear.

Coordinated accessories are key this season. Here, our model sports an understated onesie with yellow trim, but the outfit is punched up by the addition of a matching skullcap for that put-together urban look.

You can also layer this outfit with footed pants—very on-trend.

Blending comfort and chic, this streamlined take on the classic baby gown evokes timeless sophistication. Coordinate with a simple cover-up when stepping out, or for an elegant evening at home.

Again, it’s the accessories that make the man. Our model demonstrates that you can wear a bib with style, even if you’re not actually eating solid food yet!

It’s the details that set these trendy footed pants apart from the herd. (See what we did there?) A giraffe appliqué is very fresh, very now.

Fashion trends cycle, and sometimes the best way to look cutting-edge is to go retro. You’ll be a man for all seasons in this vintage knitwear set—the bright colors and ducky details bring home a little bit of springtime just as the winter blahs are setting in.

(Many thanks to our “sponsors” for providing us with these dandy duds! Unfortunately Robin started to get sick of having his clothes changed so much long before we got through all the cute outfits that people have sent us!)

7 Responses to “Fall Fashion Spread”

  • Nina Says:

    nahahaha it should be like Daily Puppy, where we can pick our favorite picture. and give him biscuits.

    SHO CUTE. and has a good copywriter, too.

  • shannon Says:

    you’re right, I should make some kind of poll dealie for big photo posts!

    Which one would you pick?

  • Nina Says:

    I would have picked the top photo, because it shows his funny little face with a funny little expression. He’s all “hehe. yeah. please, ladies, don’t crowd, form an orderly line, there’s enough of me to go around.”

    A close second is the footless baby-bag. The classic baby print, lack of visible legs, and (crowning touch) lack of visible hands all contribute to an adorably larval appearance that made my uterus spasm.

  • Nanita Says:

    I vote for the yellow cap and footed pants. Robin looks like a gymnast on the Rings. How did you get him to smile so often?

  • shannon Says:

    He seemed to really like having the camera pointed at him–he enjoys being the focus of attention!

    I think the one of him in the baby-dress should be capped with the text “I’M JUST” on top, and then on the bottom “A LITTLE BABY.”

  • Madeline Says:

    My favorite is the giraffe suit. He’s got a wonderfully piercing, direct look, and I love the little fists. What a good-looking baby!

  • shannon Says:

    That one’s my favorite too!

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