Robin’s Checkup

Robin had his two and a half year checkup yesterday too: it was pretty quick, in and out, boom. He’s 35 inches tall and 28 pounds, which puts him in the 35th percentile for height and the 30th percentile for weight. So he’s on the small side, but his growth curve is normal and the doctor described him as a “well-nourished child,” which is always what a mom likes to hear.

Language-wise he’s still a little bit behind, although he’s making steady gains and the doctor says that’s the most important thing. Ideally we’d be able to understand about half of what he’s saying at this point; I think we’re only at about 20 percent, although my guess is that 40 percent of what he says is actually intended to be English. The doctor advised us not to worry so long as Robin’s language skills continue to progress. He gave us a little printout of Robin’s vitals that says “no major problems” right at the bottom. So we have it in writing!

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  • Nina Says:

    A well-nourished child! I think you get a Mommy Badge for that.

    I can’t believe Robin’s only 11 pounds more than Silas — he is clearly a boy while Silas is a baby. I guess it’s a crucial 11 pounds.

    I am struggling with the percentile thing wrt Silas. I know intellectually that it’s not a score out of 100 — below 50% is not actually a *poor* mark. But I feel anxious anyway. Well, small is good; it’s that much longer before we’ll have to buy the next size of car seat!

  • shannon Says:

    And, you know, neither of us are exactly busting out of the height charts ourselves. So it’s not really surprising that our kids are on the small side.

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