One Month Young

Yesterday Robin celebrated his one month anniversary (lunaversary?) of existing in the world outside my tummy. He marked the occasion by variously nursing, pooping, sleeping, fussing, waving his arms and legs, blowing spit bubbles, and blinking up at us with a wide variety of funny and curious expressions, one of which is illustrated above.

Today we went back to the doctor’s office for a check-up. Robin is gaining weight nicely—he’s nine and a half pounds now! He measures 21 and three-quarters inches from top to toe. He also got the second of his Hep B shots, which he did not consider a nice lunaversary present at all. Little does he know that next month he has five shots scheduled. It probably would not even help him to know that mommy and daddy have to get a shot too—the doctor “strongly recommended” that we both get a flu vaccine, as a way of protecting the baby from an illness that for him could be a very big deal. (He’s too small to be directly vaccinated for the flu.)

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  • Wendy Says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t help what I’m about to say, so please just brace yourself….

    What a CUTE little poopy-schmoopikins!!!

  • shannon Says:

    hee! I am resisting the urge to photoshop the pic with a big block-text “BAZOO?” caption.

  • Nina Says:

    ahahah FUNNY LITTLE FACE. and yes, you should make lots of lolbabies.

    Happy lunaversary, tiny guy! You are now bigger than Edison!

  • Zach Says:

    I don’t want to be a poopy pooper, but please be cautious with those shots… make sure you don’t get anything with thimerosal in it!!! Being in the Bay Area we have pediatricians around here who are cool about using special thimerosal-free versions of the vaccines because of all the paranoid parents like me.

    Flu-shots are of dubious value (addressing old strains of flu), but are loaded with formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury. Thimerosal is in them as a preservative, and crazy stuff like aluminum to “activate” the immune system. Aluminum can shoot right through the blood/brain barrier and is suspected in contributing to Alzheimer’s.

    I used to get a flu shot every year even before I had a kid, but noticed that I was becoming immunocompromised.

    Just be careful. Google it all up.


  • Amy Says:

    I have to go with Wendy on this one …

    Awwww. I just want to eat him all up!

  • shannon Says:

    The hospital assured me that the hep-B shot was thimerosal-free…I’ll ask the pediatrician about the next battery before we get them.

  • Madeline Says:

    Our pediatrician here in Vermont told us that all the childhood vaccines are now thimerosal-free, with the exception of the standard flu shot. Our ped. special-orders thimerosal-free flu vaccine, too, which we’ve gotten for Isabel for the last two years.

    I was a flu-shot skeptic till Ibby and I got them last year, and Hop didn’t. He picked up a hideous flu at the school where he teaches, and Ibby and I didn’t get even a sniffle, though we were around him constantly.

    All three of us are getting flu shots this year, including me, even though I’m 6 months pregnant. This is another one of those controversial parenting issues, and certainly worth reading up on (as it sounds like you have already). For myself, the more I read, the more pro-vaccine I find myself becoming, generally speaking.

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