What’s for Dinner

This week in our box we got: a butternut squash (nooooo!), carrots, cilantro, collard greens, lettuce, chard, three leeks, and six kiwis. I also have a cabbage, a big leek, three butternut squashes, and some potatoes left over from last week. I had trouble using everything up last week, partly because the elevator in our apartment is broken, making grocery shopping is a huge pain—wrestling a toddler, a stroller, and a bag of groceries up five flights of stairs is an experience I try to avoid.

Yesterday Robin and I walked to the park, which was nice, and then, when he wanted to stay there forever, I had to haul a kicking and screaming toddler all the way home and up the stairs, which was not nice at all. I’m not doing that again, so today we’re staying in, and Robin gets to play the ClickStart. Naturally, today is the first sunny day in a week. Maybe I’ll break down and try taking him for a shorter walk.

I never got around to making the butternut squash soup last week, meaning that I am now the not-very-proud owner of four squashes, and tonight would probably be an excellent time to make a couple of them into soup. We can have a salad too with the lettuce and carrots. Tomorrow, if the elevator is fixed, I’ll go looking for corned beef to cook with the cabbage and potatoes.

Last time I was at the store I noticed they had some okra—it was from Nicaragua, I think, so not local in the least, but if it’s still there I’ll break down and buy it so that I can cook it with tomatoes and cilantro for a lunch.

Friday we can have that polenta with chard recipe that I love, using a couple of the leeks; Saturday is cook’s night off; and Sunday I’ll plan to make pork chops smothered in collard greens and spicy gravy (I can work in the other leeks here too). And then I’m pretty sure we’ll have enough corned beef left over for Monday and Tuesday.

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