Change of Plans

I snapped this picture of Robin at the rainy park. Note that he’s holding Boo in one hand and a train in the other; this is very common. Sometimes he tries to bring even more toys with him when we go out, which results in some fairly hilarious juggling as he clutches all of his treasures to his chest.

Unfortunately, a moment after I took this shot, Robin climbed back into his stroller—his signal for I’m done here, Mom. It was windy and wet and his teeth were chattering, even though he was wearing a couple of warm layers under his rain slicker.

So we went home. We didn’t even go to the grocery store, meaning that I am not cooking tacos tonight. Instead I made an order for Indian delivery—mmm, warm spicy filling curries and naan. Perfect for a cold and wet evening.

Oh, here are the Very Orange Oranges. They are even more orange in real life.

3 Responses to “Change of Plans”

  • Nina Says:

    he needs a man-bag! tell him that in large cities, men carry convenient purses messenger bags and that no one thinks the less of them for it.

    those oranges look luscious.

  • Nina Says:

    hey it ate my html.

    that should read “convenient {strike}purses{/strike} messenger bags”.

    html humor is not half as humorous when it doesn’t work!

  • shannon Says:

    Sorry, I’m too lazy to figure out how to enable HTML in comments.

    I tried to show him what his pockets were for, but *letting go* of one of his toys is a conceptual hurdle he’s not prepared to take.

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