What’s for Dinner

I’m strangely uninspired by this week’s vegetables, even though we got a bag of the most beautiful little dark-red fingerling potatoes, and I love potatoes. I also love cabbage, but we’ve seen a lot of it lately, so another two heads of cabbage in the box were not greeted with delight. The box also held two more butternut squashes, bringing my total to three since I was already burned out on squash and had one leftover from previous weeks. Three squashes. Bleh.

We also got carrots, collard greens, three leeks, a bag of bok choy (I’m sick of bok choy too!), a bunch of cilantro, and six oranges of astonishing color. (The color is orange, obvs, but it’s a remarkably deep and bright orange that I don’t trust the camera to capture.)

Last night I used half of the carrots and potatoes, and one of the cabbages, in a boiled vegetable dinner tossed with butter, salt, and crispy bacon bits. It was simple and good. Tonight I’m going to use the cilantro and make tacos. Tomorrow I’ll make some more butternut squash soup, with a salad on the side. The bok choy will go into a stir-fry over the weekend, and I might try and see if I can find corned beef at the grocery store to go with the rest of the potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. Then on Monday we’ll have collard greens and baked sweet potatoes. I’ll still have a couple of squashes left over, but that’s okay.

It’s been rain-rain-raining lately (which is all to the good, as we’ve had a three year drought and are facing water rationing this summer). Robin and I stayed inside the last two days and he’s been climbing the walls. Today we’ll suit up in our rain gear and head to the park. I’ll try and get some pictures of him in his cute froggie boots.

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