Things Robin Is Not

Robin and I have a new game. At the moment I have to do his part as well as my own, but someday I hope he’ll keep up his own end of the banter. It goes like this:

“Are you my little cutie-bug?”

No, Mommy, I’m a little baby!

“But are you my little hungry-bird?”

No, Mommy, I’m a little baby!

“But are you my little wiggly-worm?”

No, Mommy, I’m a little baby!

“But are you my little apricot?”

No, Mommy, I’m a little baby!

“Well then…are you my bonny, blithe, bouncing baby boy?”

Yes, Mommy! I’m YOUR little baby!

The game is of course infinitely expandable. In fact the apricot line is a recent addition; we gave Robin his first real bath yesterday (babies are only supposed to get sponge baths until the stump of the umbilical cord falls off) and we used the “Burt’s Bees” apricot-scented baby oil that Auntie Nina gave us. So now he smells just like a plump little apricot.

3 Responses to “Things Robin Is Not”

  • Nina Says:

    I’m laughing so hard because we have a similar game called “No, I’m a little white dog.” Except part of the game is to make the first section elaborate.


    Q: Are you an ormolu writing desk with hand-chased brass escutcheons?
    A: No, I’m a little white dog.

    Q: Are you a bipartisan plan to stabilize Social Security into the year 2060?
    A: No, I’m a little white dog.

  • Nanita Says:

    So, how did the little bird like his bath? Are his eyes still blue?

  • shannon Says:

    Nina — your version of the game sounds more sophisticated than ours, which I suppose is natural as your doggies are older and therefore presumably more developmentally advanced!

    Mom — he liked it fine, although the washbasin we are using is a bit too small for him. His eyes haven’t changed color much yet.

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