At the Park

Here’s a couple pictures I took of Robin at the park:

tree climbing

behind bars

You can see that he’s got Percy the Engine grasped in one of hands, and Boo the Teddy Bear in the other. It’s much harder for him to climb up the play structures with both his hands full, but he won’t go out without his favorite toys.

Boo was an impulse buy, a souvenir picked up in a Las Vegas Airport gift shop in order to calm a cranky toddler on the next leg of his flight. Robin has other stuffed animals and dolls, but he’s latched on to this one to the exclusion of all others. We call him the Little Bear with the Big Gambling Problem, and sometimes we make up bedtime stories for Robin all about how down-and-out Boo was before a kind little boy rescued him from the lure of the one-armed bandits.

littlest hobo

This is the box the vegetables come in. I keep it around because Robin likes to play in it. When we got home from the park he was so tuckered out that he climbed into his box and fell asleep with his coat on. Aww, the littlest hobo!

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