Containment Breach

So, we’re having a problem with pee. Robin’s diapers, while serving as effective poop-catching devices, seem utterly unable to contain his urine output. By some kind of diabolical wizardry, the liquid just flows around the diaper. So when he’s lying on his back, he’ll soak the back of his clothing and the sheets of his bed, but his diaper will be dry. I guess it’s flowing out the leg? We’ve tried changing the position of his whizzer when we diaper him, and it doesn’t seem to help. Is this a baby boy thing? Does anybody have any advice for us on diapering technique? We’re tired of washing his sheets every day.

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  • Wendy Says:

    Are you using disposable or cloth diapers? What size diapers are you using? Different diapers fit different babies…um…differently. Maybe you should try another brand or even another style within a brand? Just some random thougths off the top of my head….

  • shannon Says:

    We’re using Huggies “cord care”, newborn size diapers. (The plan is to switch over to cloth diapers in a few months, once Robin stops pooping every five seconds.)

  • Madeline Says:

    I agree with Wendy–I’d try another brand or two. Could just be something about the way the Huggies fit him. We had occasional problems with diaper blowouts–they seemed to be temporary, till we changed brands or sizes, or the baby grew a little.

    Of course, if it’s a baby boy problem, I can’t help you… The only baby boy peeing problem I’ve heard about, though, is that they inevitably end up peeing in your face at some point.

  • molly Says:

    you could try putting some chucks [piddle pads] under him while he sleeps. they have a cotton top and non-porous plastic bottom.

  • Nina Says:

    *leaves unhelpful comment*

    i think he has psychic powers of transurinapparation.

  • Nina Says:

    also, srsly, the internet says that Pampers Swaddlers are better and leak less. THERE I READ DIAPER REVIEWS FOR YOU SHANNON! SEE HOW YOU ARE LOVED!

  • Allegra Says:

    Besides trying a different brand or size of diaper, you can:

    1. prop up the head of the mattress so that he is sleeping on an incline.

    2. make sure to always pull the elastic around the legs out.

  • shannon Says:

    Thanks for the advice, everybody. We bought some Pampers Swaddlers yesterday, so we’ll see how that goes!

  • Jessie Says:

    I can co-recommend the blue chucks–we put them on Randy’s bed & wheelchair, and nothing ever got through. Probably no good for when he’s moving around, though.

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