Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re back from Fayetteville for Thanksgiving, where Robin was delighted to play with his Pops, Mo, uncles, aunt, great-aunts, great-grandmother, cousin-once-removed…it was a wonderful gathering of extended family. Robin loved everybody and everybody loved him.

Here’s a few pictures Sam snapped. A nice shot of Robin with Masie:

Robin and Masie playing “airplane” — this game was hilarious. Robin would “board the airplane” by bellying up to Masie’s feet. If her feet weren’t in position, he’d lift them into the proper airplane-boarding posture and then plonk his tummy up against them. Hours of fun.

Robin preparing for a bit of spin-around with Uncle Jesse:

And Robin delighted to be the center of everyone’s attention:

The trip was great for me too, not only because it’s always nice to see my family, but also because with so many people to amuse Robin I really got to rest and relax. I’ve been pretty fatigued lately because (drumroll) I’m two months pregnant with another baby. So we have a lot to be thankful for this year!

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