Warning: Site Redesign Imminent

Our little family is doing great—we’re leaving the hospital today! And naturally, as soon as I get home, my top priority (well…third or fourth priority, anyway) is overhauling this blog! It clearly needs to be repurposed from a tired, so-last-week pregnancy blog into a cutting edge, up-to-the-minute baby and parenting blog! There’ll be pictures. There’ll be stories. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. Well, you will if you’re the sort of person who laughs at the ten millionth picture of a baby in a hat, and cries at the heartwrenching tale of a poopy diaper. OK, to be honest, this blog will continue to be of interest pretty much only to people who already have some kind of investment in my genetic legacy. Still! If you’re reading this, don’t get freaked out if the blog goes away for a little bit or starts looking weird or something.

Next: more baby pictures.

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