What’s for Dinner

We skipped a week of veggie delivery while we were on our brief vacation, but this week they’ve apparently decided to make up for it with (deep breath): a bunch of grapes, a bunch of basil, an overflowing pint of red and yellow cherry tomatoes, three pounds of mostly golden heirloom tomatoes, a bag of peaches, four “Krimson” pears (they look like this), one really big eggplant, six gypsy peppers, seven pattypan squash, a small bunch of carrots, four funny little round yellow cucumbers (I remember these from last year, they’re tasty), and a partridge in a pear tree. No, I mean, and five pods of okra. I can’t really complain about such overflowing bounty, but I’m going to anyway: what am I supposed to do with such a scant handful of okra? It’s just enough to be tantalizing but not nearly enough to satiate my okra cravings. Next year I am going to grow my own okra in my own back yard, hooray, and I’m going to have scads of it.

Tonight we’re eating green chile caldo, because I’m eager to try some of the recipes from the New Mexican cookbook that Nonna sent our way. But tomorrow I’ll make a start on the vegetables, in the form of homemade veggie pizza (topped with squash, peppers, and goat cheese), accompanied by a cherry tomato salad. Friday we’ll have gazpacho and a green salad (with the carrots), and Saturday I’ll buy a loaf of crusty bread and we’ll eat it with Sicilian caponata.

Sunday I’ll make bhindi masala—I’ll have to buy more okra—and Monday, something with fish. I dunno. I’ll keep you posted.

The fruit that Robin doesn’t devour will go into Sam’s lunches. I like fresh fruit for dessert, too, so I’m glad we got so much of it this week!

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