Things Robin Likes to Eat

Roughly in descending order of preference:

1. Fresh fruit
2. Butter (straight)
3. Pickles
4. Nutritious meals his mother has lovingly prepared, but only the portion of them residing on his daddy’s plate
5. Bread with butter / PB&J
6. Cereal with milk or yogurt
7. Whatever’s on mommy’s plate
8. Sand
9. Cat food
10. Soap
11. Nutritious meals his mother has lovingly prepared and served in his own plate or bowl

I am actually pleased with his developing palate: he’s fine with spicy food (very unlike me at his age!) and I’m charmed that he shares my love of pickles, olives, and other vinegary tastes. And even though I put a few things on the list above to be funny, the truth is that he doesn’t eat much sand or soap anymore. We still have to keep the cat food out of his reach though.

Here is a bonus picture of the tabouleh we are eating for lunch. Robin has his own but he has climbed into my lap to eat out of my bowl. I guess the parsley’s always greener on the other side of the table.

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