The Oracular Pig

Auntie Nina’s pet name for Baby is “Fire Piglet”, derived from the Chinese horoscope for 2007.  Chinese astrology is way more complicated than what you see on the placemats, and I’m certainly no expert, but I do know that in addition to the twelve animal signs, every year is modified both by an element and by an overall aspect of yin or yang. 2007 is a yin year, a fire year, and the Year of the Pig. When you have a very yang element like fire, it’s good to have it modified by the yin influence: it’s supposed to make all that outward-focused energy more balanced, more sustainable. (I myself am a yang fire Dragon, a ridiculous combination of untempered passion and brute stubborn will that survives, basically, through an unearned helping of sheer dumb luck.)

Nina sent me the oracles for a Pig, which in general focus on amiability and honesty, while the influence of Fire adds energy and willpower:

Sufficiently confident, he knows how to defend himself with efficacy—but only in case of necessity. He also has the courage to work for all kinds of causes, even the evidently lost ones. Nevertheless, his ambitions and successes do not prevent him from feeling constantly torn between the temptation to seek security and the need of adventure.

As the Fire Pig is rather credulous and compliant, he often runs the
risk of being exploited by unscrupulous types. When such unfortunate
events occur, his disappointment is great and deep. He cannot believe
anyone could be so greedy and dishonest. However, the many setbacks he
may have encountered do not teach him much about distrust and
prudence. No matter how many times he is cheated, he regularly remains
on the lookout for somebody new to help.

Fire Pigs don’t usually want success for themselves: they love to pull
the strings behind the scene, assisting others in their ascent to
power and fortune. They will go to any lengths to see their partners
win. They long to bask in the reflected glory of their own personal
winners. Consequently, Fire Pigs are often givers of love, born
nurturers and make wonderful parents and supportive spouses.
Occasionally, they do leave; but they never leave for ever — because
they are too good to do so!

With all his retrograde thinking, the Fire Pig is none the less an
incurable idealist. He strongly believes in the future of mankind and
sincerely wishes to work towards political and moral progress, to help
establish brotherhood among men. He dreams optimistically of the
toppling of tyrants, the elimination of borders, the end of racism. In
some ways, he is an enthusiast and a Utopian — but there is no
aggressiveness whatsoever in his behavior.

It’s a very nice horoscope!

In other vaguely Asian news, last night I made a vegetable stir fry with garlic-ginger sauce, and not only was I able to eat lots of it, but I didn’t feel sick at all for the rest of the night. Ginger is supposed to be good for upset tummies, and it looks like the reputation is entirely earned. I brought some leftovers for lunch today. Yay ginger!

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  • Buttercup Says:

    I am also a pig, although I’m enough of a doormat to suspect I am not of the flaming pig variety. I feel compelled to knit and send a super-soft piglet blanket (mmm … pig in a blanket) imbued with transgenerational porcine power.

    Whatcha think?

  • shannon Says:

    Aw, that sounds really sweet!

    Were you born in ’71? That would make you a yin metal pig. Cyberpig!

  • Buttercup Says:

    Hmm … I was born in the Chinese equivalent of ’71 (’72, but before Chinese New Year) so I guess that means

    Do I get a cape? Or at least a big metal Tigger spring for super-bouncy tail action?

    No, I know. I just get bad vision and a caffeine habit, a knack for coding and a lot of crumbs in my keyboard. I should at least have a springy tail for sitting on and a cape for – looking cool in a cape.

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