What’s for Dinner

Last week I didn’t make everything I had planned—I didn’t get around to making the tuna casserole until Wednesday night, and I didn’t make the baba ghanoush and tabouleh at all. Instead we ordered pizza. Last night we had leftover tuna noodle casserole and a fresh heirloom tomato salad:

The tomatoes were in our box, of course. It was a heavy box this week, stuffed full of goodies: bok choy, lettuce, five red onions and two white, a bag of little white peaches, broccoli, baby carrots, and many small green peppers, in addition to those lovely tomatoes. Tonight we’ll do a big salad with the lettuce, red onions, and carrots, as well as hard-cooked eggs and some bacon; tomorrow I’ll make the pepper steak that Sam likes with the green peppers and the white onions, and some brown rice. Sunday we can have pork chops with the bok choy on the side. And then, assuming I don’t get sidetracked during one of those days, I’ll make the baba ghanoush and tabouleh on Monday.

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