Still No News!

Another week, another doctor’s visit…she (it was one of the lady doctors this time) says that my cervix may be getting a leetle shorter, but it’s still closed, and the baby’s head hasn’t engaged with the birth canal.  Meaning that nothing’s likely to happen this week.  “He seems very happy right where he is,” she commented.  I do have another two weeks until my due date, but if the baby were born today he’d be considered full-term (not premature), and I’m ready to get this show on the road.  But kiddo ain’t going anywhere in a hurry, apparently.

3 Responses to “Still No News!”

  • Madeline Says:

    I hope Robin decides to come on the early side. I gave birth four days after my due date, and I remember those four days felt like an eternity.

    Now that you’re so close, have you been getting newly annoying comments from strangers? I got these lines constantly toward the end: “You look like you’re ready to pop!” “Are you SURE you’re not due till January?” and the most common, and oddest, comment: “Are YOU still here?”

  • Nina Says:

    well, if she goes a few days late at least we will be in town for the express purpose of amusing and distracting her!

  • shannon Says:

    “Are YOU still here?”

    How bizarre! I wonder where they expect you to *go*?

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