What’s for Dinner

Another light box this week, I think because of the nuts. We got walnuts again, a big bag of them, along with strawberries (yay!), lettuce, asparagus, carrots, chard, a bulb of green garlic, and two shoots of what look like young onions.

We at the strawberries last night for dessert and this morning for breakfast. Last night we also had halibut steaks, pan-seared and finished in the oven, served with garlic-anchovy butter, and green beans on the side. I liked the fish okay but Sam and Robin were really enthusiastic. Unfortunately halibut is expensive: I was so distracted by the fact that it was deeply on sale, a discount of $5 a pound, that I sort of failed to notice it was still really expensive. So I don’t think we’ll be having a lot more of it. Still, since it was an indulgence I’m glad the boys liked it so much.

Tonight we’ll have penne with chard and leeks in a walnut cream sauce, and I’ll also pick up everything I need to make a quick asparagus carbonara after we get home from house-hunting tomorrow night. Saturday I’m out with friends, so dinner will be take-out or scrounged from the fridge. Sunday we’ll have another roasted chicken because I’m out of stock, with a salad of the veggies that are left.

Monday I want to try this recipe for chicken giouvetsi. It’s chicken two days in a row but I don’t think Sam will mind. (Yes I did just discover the Closet Cooking blog, why do you ask?) And Tuesday I’ll set aside as Leftovers Appreciation Night.

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