Oh! Another Thing About Robin

I just thought of something else funny/weird/sweet about the boy that I’ve never posted here. Sometimes when he wants to cuddle he’ll come up to me and push aside some of my clothes so that he can lay his cheek on my bare skin. He’ll do this with whatever’s handy: if I’m sitting down and wearing a skirt or a dress, he’ll push it up and lay his cheek on my thigh; if I’m wearing a shirt he’ll pull it up and cuddle against my side; but his very especial favorite cuddle to get is the one where he’s sitting in my lap and he can lay his cheek against my chest. If my top’s not low-cut enough for him to get some good skin-to-skin contact he’ll tug it down first. I think I know why he does this—skin-to-skin contact provides an oxytocin rush—but it’s still a funny little quirk.

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