Summer Bounty

I know Whole Foods is yuppified and pretentious, but I love it with all my yuppified, pretentious heart, oh I do I do. I just had a great time this afternoon picking out the perfect heirloom tomatoes for gazpacho tonight, and assembling the bits for a roasted beet salad tomorrow—including a lovely interlude at the cheese counter, where the Cheese Girl on duty helped me navigate the bewildering array of blue cheeses in order to pick out a nice, pregnant-lady-safe “Blue de Basque.” And then she insisted on cutting me a wedge from the center of a new wheel, because she sniffed that she “didn’t like” the way any of the existing wedges looked. And also she called me “sweetie.” Whole Foods is just nice, everything’s pretty and happy and nice, and I always walk out of the store smiling.

I stopped by the grocery store on my way back from this week’s check-in with the doc. He says that although I’m not due until August 12, I could really pop any time now. There’s no sign of any imminent excitement though: my cervix is still “long and closed,” and the baby’s head “fairly high,” although he has dropped a bit. And this concludes today’s installment of News From My Reproductive Organs.

(I just asked Sam how his reproductive organs are doing, in case anybody cares: he says they’re A-OK.)

4 Responses to “Summer Bounty”

  • Dawn Says:

    I gave up on blue cheese entirely because I didn’t know what was safe and what was. You’re approach works much better (mind you, we don’t have a Whole Foods).

  • shannon Says:

    Anything made with raw milk (and most blues are) they’ll tell you to avoid. Cheeses made with pasteurized milk are safe, though.

  • Nina Says:

    narm! Looks yummy. I love Whole Foods at Christmas — they sell a miniature Christmas tree made entirely of rosemary! It smells delicious and then you can eat it. And I can buy it without assimilation guilt, because it’s culinary.

    Their produce is always shining and beautiful, too. and oh! they have something called “drunken goat cheese”. If it’s pasteurized and you like goat cheese, you should try it. It’s narmalicious.

  • shannon Says:

    I have tried it! It’s delicious!

    And yes, the produce aisles are jewel-like.

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