What’s for Dinner

Our box seemed light this week, to be honest. We got a thin bunch of chard, a bunch of small and skinny carrots, a bunch of radishes, a bunch of asparagus, one stalk of green garlic, two leeks, a bag of baby lettuces, and a bag of walnuts. I think I can use up everything but the asparagus and the nuts tonight, in a chard frittata and a big salad.

Tomorrow I guess Robin and I will have fish sticks, and for dinner we’ll roast the asparagus and serve it alongside a wild rice salad with celery and walnuts.

I think we’re doing more house-hunting this weekend so I don’t want to plan meals I won’t be around to cook. I guess the next two dinners will be “something with fish” and “something with pasta,” though. I’ll have to see what’s in at the fish counter and browse some recipes. I think the pasta should be whole wheat penne baked with ham, cheese, peas and egg; it’s been a while since I’ve made that and it’s tasty, and feels more virtuous than macaroni and cheese even though it hits a similar comfort-food spot.

Last week we ended up having orange-glazed chicken breasts with steamed zucchini one night, and then the next night I mixed up the leftovers with some brown rice and sauteed onions. Sam liked it a lot more than I thought he would! I think he likes chicken more than I do—I tend to think chicken is kind of boring. Maybe if I get a chance on Sunday I’ll roast a chicken, and make stock from the bones.

4 Responses to “What’s for Dinner”

  • Katie Says:

    Caroline from iloveyoumorethanfood also said her box was smaller than usual. I wonder if it’s just the change in season or if something fishy is going on here!

  • shannon Says:

    Did she get nuts too? Nuts are pretty expensive…much more so than big beautiful bunches of leafy greens…so it may be that our boxes are “worth” the same as always, even though the contents seem scanty because of the nuts.

  • Katie Says:

    No nuts! You get the Capay box right? We started out getting the Capay box but switched to the Regular box.

  • shannon Says:

    Yeah, we’re doing the local-only. It does get repetitive but I’m excited now that spring is here.

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