Handsome Boy

Okay, you people don’t really care about pictures of pie. You want pictures of little boy! Luckily Sam just uploaded dozens of them to his Flickr account.

Here’s Robin in close-up:

Here he is running around and being a goofball:

Here he is on the slide:

Look at that soft baby skin:

And we’ll leave you with this:

There, that should hold you people for a while.

2 Responses to “Handsome Boy”

  • Nina Says:

    i like pie pictures AND little boy pictures! that is why this is my favorite blog. it does not make me choose.

    ultimately someday i wish for a picture of a LITTLE BOY EATING PIE. i have faith that if i keep reading, it will happen.

    after all, he’s already come a long way….

  • Nanita Says:

    Sam got some great pictures of Robin sitting back on the park bench and contemplating the park and city life. He looks like a very philosophical and sophisticated kid when he’s not running around.

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