The Empathy Belly

OK, I really have nothing to say about this except “Haw! Empathy Belly!” This thing is a strap-on contraption designed to allow non-pregnant people “to experience over 20 symptoms and effects of pregnancy, including: Weight gain of 30 pounds; Fetal kicking and stroking movements; Shallow breathing and shortness of breath; Increased blood pressure, pulse and body temperature; Bladder pressure and frequency of urination; Low backaches; shift in center of gravity; waddling; Fatigue, irritability, and much, much more!” Hilarious!

I ran across the Empathy Belly while reading a really interesting article about male pregnancy, which hasn’t happened yet but totally could, someday soon.

4 Responses to “The Empathy Belly”

  • Zach Says:

    I dunno if this has happened at all to Sam, but I developed my own empathy belly while Wendy was pregs. I think I gained like 30 pounds. Not the same thing, I know…

  • shannon Says:

    Irritatingly, Sam is, if anything, only getting skinnier.

  • Jessie Says:

    It’s a cool idea, but it’s a little creepy how some of them used it to teach kids that pregnancy is “uncool”…like teenage mothers have no social stigma already. And how exactly is making them wear a fake pregnancy belly for a few minutes going to convince them that they have a future?

  • shannon Says:

    The part I thought was funny was the end, where “irritability” was one of the symptoms it simulates!

    The idea that wearing the belly will prevent teen pregnancy is definitely pretty dumb.

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