What’s for Dinner

Last week’s meal plan didn’t go so well; the pissaladi√®re was a big hit as usual, but we had more leftovers from the pasta-with-greens-and-white-beans than I expected, and then for a couple evenings I was just disorganized with the shopping: so I didn’t make half the things I wanted to make. I did get all the veggies except the potatoes and the chard used up, though.

In this week’s box we got more of that Russian red kale (last week’s mystery veggie); a bag of mixed lettuce; a bunch of chard; a bunch of collard greens; a bunch of radishes; three slender leeks; two green garlic bulbs; a bunch of pencil asparagus; and a bag of fingerling potatoes.

Tonight we’re finally getting around to having that false mahshi (using both last week and this week’s chard, and I’ll probably substitute the leeks and the green garlic for one of the onions. I’m also using sirloin tips instead of rib-eye, because have you seen how much grass fed rib-eye costs?). Tomorrow Robin and I will have a salad (involving lettuce, radishes, and some left-over green goddess dressing) for lunch, and for dinner we’ll have garlic-roasted potatoes and pan-seared asparagus.

Friday lunch: leftover mahshi, if there is any. For dinner I want to try a recipe that came in the box, for sweet potatoes braised with apples and greens (I’ll use the kale and the collards).

Saturday will be about dying eggs, and prepping for Sunday night’s dinner. I don’t know that we’ll do much for Easter this year; Robin’s a bit young for a formal egg hunt, but we might hide some around the apartment. In some past years I’ve gone to the Easter service at our Unitarian church, but Sam’s not enthusiastic about it, and to be honest I don’t really even know how one goes about attending church with a toddler.

Anyway, we’re not having anybody over for dinner, but I still want a celebration-of-spring type meal. I’m thinking:

sorrel soup (recipe from the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market Cookbook)
agnello all’araba, or “arabian lamb” (recipe from The Silver Spoon cookbook, a wedding gift from my sisters-in-law which I’ve been meaning to delve into more. The recipe basically involves lamb cubes roasted in a mixture of onions, honey, saffron, cumin, ginger, and stock, with almonds and olives and cilantro added at the end).
fava beans, boiled and buttered
strawberry rhubarb pie

I can make the pie and the soup on Saturday. And something quick and easy for us to actually eat on Saturday, like maybe pasta puttanesca.

Monday I’m sure we’ll have leftovers. And Tuesday, if the leftovers haven’t run out, maybe I’ll take another stab at cooking squid. You shall not escape me so easily, o cephalopods!

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