Robin has them. It took me a while to figure out what they were. “Ergh, he’s poking me…in this rhythm…it’s kind of annoying, it’s like he has the hiccups or something!” Then I remembered my mom telling me that I had the hiccups constantly when she was pregnant with me. The Internet says it’s common for babies to get hiccups, because they’re “practicing breathing”, which is sort of charming.

I saw the doctor again this week but it was very much a “hi, how are you, [brief examination of belly] baby looks fine, see you in two weeks!” sort of thing.  He’s positioned head down, curled up along my left side. That’s really all the news from my womb that there is to report.

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  • Madeline Says:

    I had forgotten about the hiccups! Isabel had them a lot, too. That’s great. And Robin’s head down, too–excellent.

    I had a checkup today and got blood drawn for my quad screen. I’m expecting the first kick any day now. (As Shannon knows already, I’m pregnant, too–due in December.) I’m having an ultrasound in a few weeks.

  • Nina Says:

    N’awww, hiccups… that’s so cute.

    Congratulations, Madeline!

  • shannon Says:

    How’s the nausea? Is it letting up at all?

  • Madeline Says:

    Thanks, Nina!

    Yes, thank god, the nausea is a lot better. I’m still a little bit queasy, but I can eat almost normally, and I’ve been eating a lot. It’s such a relief!!!

  • shannon Says:

    Great to hear!

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