Still Life with Diaper Bag

Okay, would the lovely person or persons who sent us this splendid diaper bag please step forward? It arrived from an eBay sender with no indication of who the buyer might have been, although clearly it was someone with exquisite taste. There is even, tucked inside the bag, a matching burp cloth that frankly is much too fine to actually be burped on. We will use it for ornamental burps.

diaper bag

In other news, I had my 32-week ultrasound today, and the ultrasound technician told me that the placenta is no longer covering the cervix! So, yay! It will take up to a week for me to get the full report from my doctor, but it sounds like the news is very good. The cyst is still there, about the same size, but it’s not giving me any trouble so I’ve decided not to be concerned about it.

In other, other news: he’s still a boy. The ultrasound technician (the same one I had last time, which was nice) pointed out the scrotum. As she put it, tactfully, “They’re very well-differentiated as this age.” I think what she meant is that his balls are huuuuuge compared to his little baby body. They’re like as big as his foot.

I wonder if Robin will read this when he’s older, and be mortified?

4 Responses to “Still Life with Diaper Bag”

  • Madeline Says:

    Congrats on your previa going away. That’s wonderful news!

    When did you decide to change the name from Robert to Robin? Both are great names.

  • shannon Says:

    No change! The baby’s name is Robert, but his nickname will be Robin for as long as he is willing to tolerate it. If he later decides it’s too girly he can always go with Rob or Bob or whatever.

  • Madeline Says:

    Cool. Robin is a very cute nickname. It’s always nice to have multiple nickname options.

    Congrats, too, by the way, on getting to almost 32 weeks. It’s so nice to get to that point where, if the baby had to be born early, it would be fine. Five more weeks, and you’ll be officially full-term!

  • shannon Says:

    I know! How crazy is that?!

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