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From Ursula K. Le Guin, Voices:

I always wondered why the makers leave housekeeping and cooking out of their tales. Isn’t it what all the great wars and battles are fought for—so that at day’s end a family may eat together in a peaceful house?…This is part of what I meant about housework. If it isn’t important, what is? If it isn’t done honorably, where is honor?

I’ve been very happy lately, and wondering if the reason for my happiness lies in the lengthening days, or in Robin’s developmental stages; right now he’s more delightful than ever, sweet and cuddly and “talkative.” When we go to park he’ll toddle off and explore, and bring me back whatever he finds: leaves, or flowers, or sticks; he’s delighted to place them all in my lap, and grin up at me, and be kissed as a reward. He’s become so easy that Sam and I are talking about having another one. I know! It’s crazy!

I think another reason for my happiness is that I’ve settled into my new role. No, I haven’t gotten much done on my own creative projects. I’ve become more comfortable with just being a housewife. It’s a big job. It’s an important job. It’s an honorable job. I feel proud of the work I do. I want to do more, there’s other things I’ve left unfinished, but right now I’m proud of this. It’s real work. If it isn’t important, what is? If it isn’t done honorably, where is honor?

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  • Nina Says:

    A good quote, for a righteous sentiment. Homemaking seems to me to be one of the purest forms of just *living* — and anyone who devalues that devalues life. And is probably jealous.

    Also, you can’t have your next baby in 2009 — it’s not on The Plan! Unless, of course, you issue a new Plan.

  • shannon Says:

    The Plan calls for the next baby to arrive in 2010–which may well mean starting on the baby in 2009. Probably after Robin’s birthday. No firm dates yet, we’re just talking. The reason I called it “crazy” is that it wasn’t so long ago when the idea of having another infant was just unthinkable! Robin really has gotten a lot easier.

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