Navel Gazing

So one of the odder factoids of pregnancy is that, apparently, I can expect my bellybutton to pop from an innie to an outie over the course of my stomach’s expansion.  I’ve started sneaking peeks at my belly every so often to see if I can detect any signs of this happening.

Sam and I went down to Arkansas over the weekend for my sister’s wedding (which was lovely), and the other night we were all sitting around in the living room watching TV, when I idly pushed down the waistband of my skirt to check out my navel.  And lo!  It hasn’t popped out, but it is showing definite signs of change — a flattening, if you will.  “Omigod!” I squealed.

Well, it turns out that nothing draws a crowd faster than a pregnant woman clutching her stomach and crying “oh my god!”  In about half a second I had six people crowded around my chair staring down at me, and I had to sheepishly explain that I was just studying minute changes in my bellybutton, and it wasn’t really all that exciting.

And that’s my story.

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